We work integratively, pulling together techniques from various counselling modalities in a coherent fashion. The person-centred approach of Carl Rogers is at the core of our practice. This means the client is at the centre of everything we do: the client knows himself far better than anyone else does. The counsellor invites the client to explore himself and his issues, and facilitates him coming to his own realisations and conclusions, at his own pace and depth. The client-counsellor relationship is the single most important aspect of all the work we do with our clients.

Whilst counselling is first and foremost a talking therapy, we like to work creatively, with whiteboard and flip charts, and props such as buttons and mood cards. We bring creative writing and guided readings into our practice for clients who prefer to express themselves in this way.


Welcoming counselling rooms in our Risca premises

We usually begin with a shorter first session (free) either in person or on the phone to establish whether we are happy to work together. The sessions after that last one hour and are usually weekly.

We have risk-assessed our Risca premises and are able to offer face-to-face counselling, provided strict social distancing and hygiene precautions are followed. Further details can be found in the Covid-19 addendum to our Counselling Agreement. We regret that our Monmouth premises remain closed for face-to-face work at present, but we do have temporary alternative measures in place. Clients who feel uncomfortable about meeting face-to-face in the current climate may wish to consider online or telephone counselling.